We Import and Distribute

Medical equipment, devices and kits

A wide range of medical equipment, devices, and kits to healthcare institutions, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories

Laboratory reagents

We have laboratory reagents, which are essential for conducting various tests and analyses in medical laboratories

Medicines and supplements

A broad range of medicines and supplements, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications

Pharmaceutical supplies

Various pharmaceutical supplies, including syringes, needles, gloves, and other medical consumables

Your Reliable Partner for Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies in Ethiopia

Who are we?

Mesfin Abbay Pharmaceutical Import is an Ethiopian company founded in 2017 by Ethiopian and UK partners. We specialize in the import and distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals to address the gaps in the Ethiopian market.

Our Mission

We fill gaps in Ethiopia's medical market by importing and supplying top-notch medical equipment and pharmaceutical brands. In just six years, we've gained a strong reputation and significant market share among government institutions, hospitals, health centers, universities, and private medical service providers.

What We Offer

At Mesfin Abbay Pharmaceutical Import, our primary focus is on the import and distribution of pharmaceutical supplies, medical equipment, devices and kits, laboratory reagents, and medicines and supplements. By undertaking these import and supply tasks, we have made a positive impact on meeting the overall pharmaceutical and medical demand in Ethiopia.

Our Purpose

We understand that our responsibility extends beyond the services we provide. Our purpose is driven by a moral obligation to enhance the well-being of both human and animal populations. We strive to expand access to quality healthcare products, operate sustainably, and uphold the highest standards of safety and quality.

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Addis Ketema Sub City, Woreda 05, Building 262/ለ first floor
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia